The Story

dD Manba was inspired by a trip to Haïti in 2014 where co-founder, Jason Delis, and Haïtian born Stanley Dumornay, volunteered to do humanitarian. While there, Stanley hinted to Jason that he try a Haïtian tradition, Manba, otherwise known as peanut butter. The one difference with Haïtian peanut butter, however, is that it’s typically spicy!

Buying a jar from Stan’s friend, Jason tasted Manba in his kitchen in Montreal after the trip and instantly fell in love with rich texture and spicy after-kick. Noticing a lack of Haïtian-style peanut in Montreal, Stanley and Jason teamed-up to form Dumornay Delis (dD) and started producing their very own Manba in October 2015.

dD’s decision to import peanuts from Haïti is twofold. Firstly, authentic Haïtian-style peanut butter should include Haïtian peanuts, and secondly, sourcing peanuts from Haïti directly supports the Haïtian farmers.

To date, Manba is the only peanut butter in Canada that includes peanuts imported from Haïti. Every jar contains 100 grams of peanuts imported from the Acceso Peanut Corporation in Port-au-Prince, Haïti.

What Is Manba?


At Manba we pride ourselves to only use natural products, you will never find additives or conservatives in your Manba Jar.

Haïtian Peanuts

Every jar of Manba contains at least
100g of Haïtian peanuts.


Manba products are 100% plant based.

Gluten Free

Our entire range of flavor is guaranteed gluten free.

Made in Québèc

Our peanut and almond butter are entirely produced in Québèc


Kosher certified

At Manba we are proud to offer the best products, but we also believe that it is our role to make a positive impact in our industry and in the communities involved in our process. Making sure that all the different players, wherever the are located, are treated fairly is something that is part of the DNA of the company.

Haitian peanuts are not only unique but they are at the center of the development of many communities locally. Following the traditional Manba recipe meant to also used local peanuts cultivated by local farmers.


This seal represents our commitment to supporting Haitian peanut farmers.

“Manba” sources peanuts from the Acceso Peanut Corporation, which ensures that Haitian peanut farmers are not left out of the value chain and that they are able to receive fair market value for their peanuts. Acceso also ensures high quality standards and traceability of all the peanuts grown in its network by testing for aflatoxin. When you are enjoying your jar of Manba, you are also supporting the positive development of communities in Haiti.It also sets the quality standards and traceability of all the peanuts grown in its network.

When you are enjoying your jar of Manba nut butter, you are also supporting the positive development of our communities.

Behind Manba


In 2014, Stanley D. and Jason D. (dD) volunteered to do humanitarian work in Haiti. Once there, they were taken aback by the stark economic and social conditions – seemingly, nothing had improved since the devastating earthquake of 2010, but that didn’t stop the Haitians from persevering.

Their pride and hospitality were remarkable, as was their famous Creole cuisine. The food was rich, natural, flavourful, and delicious. It inspired dD, particularly the “manba”, the Creole word for peanut butter. They purchased a jar from a local producer and found the spiciness to compliment the peanut taste perfectly. Back home, dD searched for mamba to satisfy their cravings but found nothing equalling the quality and flavour of the Haitian specialty. So, they decided to make their own!

Eighteen months later, dD now bring you their very own mamba made from a blend of the highest quality peanuts from the USA and Haiti and produced in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. With a pinch of organic sugar and salt, dD Manba is the classic Haitian-style peanut butter. Thank you for your support and enjoy our Mamba!