What Are Manba and Amanba About?


Our nut butter recipes do not include oils or preservatives, only natural and organic ingredients.

Inspired by Haïti

Manba, meaning peanut butter in Haitian Créole, is based on a traditional Haitian recipe.


Manba and Amanba are 100% plant based.

Gluten Free

Manba and Amanba are 100% gluten-free.

Made in Québèc

Manba and Amanba are proudly produced in Montreal, Quebec.


Manba and Amanba are certified 100% Kosher.

Behind Manba


dD Manba was inspired by a trip to Haïti where Jason Delis and Haïtian born, Stanley Dumornay, volunteered to do humanitarian work. While there, Stanley hinted to Jason that he try Haïtian peanut butter, otherwise known as manba, and typically spiced with Scotch Bonnet peppers. An odd blend thought Jason, he still purchased a jar from Stanley’s friend and tasted it immediately when he got back to Montreal. Instantly he understood why Haitian’s love their manba so much. The thick texture of ground roasted peanuts coats the palette and soothes it after the hot pepper kicks in, creating an addictive experience any peanut lover or chilihead would die for! Noticing a lack of this Haïtian delicacy in Montreal, Stanley and Jason teamed-up to form Dumornay Delis (dD) and launched their very own manba in October 2015.