Manba Peanut Butter – Natural Spicy – No sugar or salt added (combo)


Manba Spicy Natural is simply premium peanuts, hot pepper, and nothing else! Have it on a spoon, on toast, in a sauce, or as a dip!

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Manba Natural Spicy Creamy peanut butter. So, you may be scratching your head and pondering…

“What does Manba Natural Spicy Creamy taste like?”

Manba Natural Spicy is simply a combination of premium peanuts and hot pepper balanced to perfection. Beware of Manba because once you experience the heat and silky texture, you will not be able to resist.

We love using it on toast and in dessert recipes, not to mention as the base for a spicy peanut sauce. See our recipe link for dozens of suggestions on how to use our spicy nut butters.

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