Manba Spicy Peanut Butter – Hot Creamy

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Discover the fiery Hot Manba, our spiciest peanut butter with our creamy recipe.


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Manba Hot Creamy peanut butter. So, you may be curious and wondering…

“Manba Hot Creamy, what is that about?”

Calling chili heads and serious hot sauce lovers, Manba Hot Creamy is the definition of what spicy peanut butter should taste like! Feel the heat within seconds and enjoy the burn for minutes, Manba Hot Creamy is the spicy peanut butter for people that put hot sauce on everything, or that enjoy an extended hot experience on their palettes.

We enjoy using Manba Hot Creamy to make peanut sauces and on a spoon. Also highly suggested, using it in recipes! You’ll find several recipes in our recipe link ranging from desserts to sauces to smoothies!

“Where is it made?”

Made in Montreal, dD Manba was inspired by a trip to Haiti where co-founder, Jason Delis, tasted authentic Haitian peanut butter for the first time. Falling in love with the blend of tasty peanut butter and hot pepper, Delis teamed-up with Stanley Dumornay to start making Haitian-style spicy peanut butter, otherwise known as Manba. In an effort to support the Haitian peanut farmers and to make dD Manba as authentic as possible, every jar contains 100 grams of peanuts imported from Haiti.


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Natural with no preservatives added, Manba is gluten-free, vegan, and kosher certified.

Ingredients: Dry-roasted peanuts from the USA and Haiti (100 g per jar), a pinch of organic cane sugar, sea salt, and hot pepper.

500 g jar

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Allergen Info

Contains peanuts*
May contain traces of other nuts.

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