Amanba Mild, Spicy Almond Butter – Creamy

Our spicy almond butter with our creamy recipe. We call it  Amanba.




Amanba Natural Mild Creamy almond butter. So, you may be wondering…

“How spicy is Amanba Natural Mild Creamy?”

Slightly spicy, Amanba Natural Mild Creamy has just the right level of spice for people that tend to stay away from spicy food. Couple that with a rich almond flavour and hot pepper, you have almond butter the way it was supposed to be eaten. Spicy!

“How do you eat Amanba spicy almond butter.”

It’s up to you! As a spread, dip, drizzle, or sauce, Amanba is deliciously spicy any which way you like it, especially on a spoon!

“What does spicy almond butter taste like?”

It tastes like the best natural almond butter you’ve ever tasted BUT with a kick at the very end. Deliciously spicy and silky smooth, Amanba’s texture comes from a roasted blend of California almonds and a pinch of hot pepper.

“Where is it made?”

Made in Montreal, dD Amanba was inspired by Manba spicy peanut butter and the demand by loyal customers that have requested a spicy nut butter other than peanut butter. The idea to make Amanba stems from a trip to Haiti where co-founder, Jason Delis, tasted authentic Haitian peanut butter for the first time. Falling in love with the blend of tasty peanut butter and hot pepper, Delis teamed-up with Stanley Dumornay to start making Haitian-style spicy peanut butter, otherwise known as Manba. In an effort to support the Haitian peanut farmers and to make dD Manba as authentic as possible, every jar contains 100 grams of peanuts imported directly from Haiti.


Natural with no preservatives added, Amanba Mild Creamy is gluten-free, vegan, kosher certified, and contain no preservatives.

Ingredients: Dry-roasted almonds from the USA and hot pepper.

500 g jar

Nutritional Information

Allergen Info

Contains peanuts*
*All of our nut butters are processed on shared equipment that handles almonds, peanuts and possibly other nuts.

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