Manba packs heat and nutritional value


Did you know that peanuts come in four different types? Some like the Virginia peanuts are large and perfect to be used in gourmet snacks. Others like the Spanish peanuts are rather small, have a red-brown skin and are often used to make the famous red candied peanuts we all love, and runner peanuts are uniform, making them perfect for roasting. At Manba, we use Valencia peanuts. Known for having more kernels per shell and their bright red skin, they have the optimal size and, when turned into peanut butter, have a delightfully smooth texture and sweet taste.

Apart from varying in shapes, sizes and colors, did you know that peanuts also have many health benefits? Therefore, Manba spicy Haitian peanut butter not only packs heat but also has remarkable nutritional value.

Natural All the Way

Perhaps just like us, you grew up eating refined peanut butter – the one that’s stiff and whipped. You might wonder, why did it have that texture? Well, contrary to natural peanut butter, our childhood classic actually contained glycerin and hydrogenated oils, which keeps the oil from separating at the top, allowing it to stay semi-solid at room temperature for years!

On the other hand, at Dumornay Delis, we chose to offer natural peanut butter, meaning that we do not add any unnecessary oils, which contain trans-fat that increases the bad cholesterol in our blood, leading to inflammation and causing a myriad of health problems. Furthermore, today, in order to be labelled “peanut butter,” peanut butter only needs to contain 90% of peanuts.

We choose to be different. Each jar of Manba contains only peanuts, hot peppers, a touch of organic cane sugar and sea salt. You would rather no salt or organic sugar added? We offer a spicy peanut butter called Natural that is sugar-free and salt-free. Yes, you might have to stir our peanut butters before you eat them, but we think it’s well worth the effort to avoid the added hydrogenated oils, don’t you think?

Should Kids Also Eat Manba? Yes!

Did you know that 1 in 50 children in Canada have a peanut allergy? For a very long time, it has been a common belief that children should avoid eating nuts to minimize the risk of developing allergies. However, the number of children suffering from nut allergies continues to rise. This growing issue is what pushed researchers to investigate the link between peanut exposure and allergy development. The discovery was fascinating: delaying the introduction of peanuts to babies could in fact promote allergy development. This study showed that children without a peanut allergy who are exposed to peanuts on a regular basis had a much lower risk of developing a peanut allergy by the time they were 5 years old. Because of the small size of a peanut, it is recommended to introduce peanuts to children in a peanut butter form, making it safer and easier to consume. Our recommendation for your children? The Manba Original Mild peanut butter.

Aside from reducing risk of peanut allergies in children, peanut butter has also been found to help decrease childhood obesity. In a 12-week experiment, 257 obese children were given rigorous nutrition education classes, took part in physical activities and were fed healthy snacks. Half of the children received peanut butter 3-4 times per week as their afternoon snack. The other half consumed peanut butter fewer times than once per week. The result: those who snacked on peanut butter or peanuts experienced a greater decrease in body mass index compared to those who didn’t receive the regular peanut snack. Why is that? When consumed, peanut butter helps you to feel full, curb cravings and eat less throughout the day. Furthermore, peanut butter is packed with protein, meaning it helps maintain muscle.

Live Life with a bit of Spice

Did you ever wonder what happens when you eat something spicy like a tablespoon of hot Manba peanut butter? Why does one feel a burning sensation in your mouth or even on the tip of your lips? The answer is rather simple; hot peppers have a molecule called capsaicin. This molecule, when in contact with receptors in the mouth, eyes, skin, stomach and intestines send signals of pain and heat to the brain. The heat and burning sensation actually comes from the bad interpretation of the brain of this molecule. To protect itself from the pain, the brain releases endorphins, which gives the sensation of well-being and euphoria, and is why we continue consuming spicy foods… and why Manba is so addictive!

Not only do hot peppers create feel good sensations for our brain, but they also have incredible health benefits. Their antimicrobial properties are known for treating arthritis and psoriasis. Their regular consumption has also been associated with a longer lifespan, lower risks of cancer, coronary heart disease and respiratory diseases.

What do we do Now?

Now that we know the amazing health benefits of peanut butter and hot peppers, we should all eat even more Manba! For inspiration on different ways to incorporate Manba in your daily meals, check out our recipe page and fall in love with our spicy peanut butter!